Breonna Taylor’s aunt, Jacob Blake’s dad arrested in Akron protest

Breonna Taylor’s aunt, Jacob Blake’s dad arrested in Akron protest over police killing of Jayland Walker : AKRON, Ohio – Jacob Blake’s father and Breonna Taylor’s aunt were among the people arrested the night of Wednesday amid increasing protests about the killing by police of Jayland Walker.


Two prominent public figures who have been criticized for their police brutality were detained in Akron in one of the cities in northern Ohio city where police killed Jay Walker 25 years old many times while they chased him away from during a traffic stop last week.

Breonna Taylor’s aunt, Jacob Blake’s dad

The city was rocked by protests were sparked across Akron for several days following that the Akron Police Department on Sunday released body-camera footage of the horrific shooting.

Police arrested a number of other suspects in court documents. Posts on social media depicted people being held in the at the downtown area, just outside of the town’s Stubbs Justice Center.


Just hours prior, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan lifted the 9 p.m. until the 6 a.m. curfew in the downtownarea, saying that the city wanted people to remain calm.

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Akron Municipal Court records show various individuals were captured for the time being on revolt related charges, including Jacob Blake, 55, of Winston Salem, North Carolina, who was accused of mob, opposing capture, inability to scatter and dislocated lead. All are crimes. Blake’s child, Jacob Jr., in 2020 was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and left to some extent deadened.


Likewise captured was Bianca Taylor, 41, of Louisville, Kentucky. She is the auntie of Breonna Taylor, a clinical specialist who was shot and killed by Louisville police in a March 2020 strike on her loft around there. Bianca Taylor was accused of mob, sloppy direct, and inability to scatter.

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Akron police said Thursday morning that they were gathering information about the events of the night and they were unable to immediately confirm the tear gas used and the amount of arrests.

Local activist groups were organizing a press gathering.

In the last week, police announced that 49 people were taken into custody after protests that were peaceful turned violent on Sunday night. Damage to downtown businesses included broken window, broken fixtures, plant stands as well as several small fires. Officers used teargas to scatter the crowds of protesters.

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