‘Clear the lake is in trouble’: Great Salt Lake breaks record low level

‘Clear the lake is in trouble’: Great Salt Lake breaks record low level for the second time in a year amid drought: The Utah’s Great Salt Lake has hit an all-time low in water levels twice in just an entire year. It’s a worrying indication in the midst of drought-like conditions which are made worse by climate change throughout the west United States.

The lake’s level dropped into 4,190.1 feet Sunday afternoon, which is lower than the previous time when the lake’s surface was in line with an all-time low in the month of October 2021, as per U.S. Geological Survey data.

‘Clear the lake is in trouble’: Great Salt Lake breaks record

Based on USGS in conjunction with USGS and the Utah Department of Natural Resources this level is expected to decrease through the the fall or in the early winter. The level decreases when the quantity of water lost to evaporate is higher than that of the water entering it.

“This is not the type of record we like to break,” Utah Department of Natural Resources Executive Director Joel Ferry said. “Urgent actions are needed to protect and conserve this vital resource. It is evident that the lake is getting worse. We know that more actions and resources are required, and we are cooperating with the various people who care about the lake.”

“MEGADROUGHT”: The severe dry spell that is sweeping the West is the most severe in 1,200 years, according to a new study.

There is no end in sight for WESTERN DREAMS: ‘If we don’t take action we’ll end up being very terrible’

Researchers and advocates are calling on to the West to reduce its use of water in order to alleviate drought-related issues.

Utah legislators have been working to develop ideas which would focus on conservation and the preservation of lakes. In the spring of this year, the majority Republican legislature approved a bill to allocate $40 million towards saving Great Salt Lake.

The lawmakers are also considering ways to reduce water consumption across the entire state which is where residents drink the most water per person in the entire country.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor Drought conditions are expected to last for 3 months across the majority of Utah. The majority of the state is currently suffering from an “severe” drought.

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