How to Cook Chicken Pastel

This Filipino Chicken Pastel Recipe is like no other. I tried to make it simple and easy so that everyone can follow. This recipe will give you a rich, creamy, and delicious chicken pastel dish that you can make during special occasions, like the holidays.

I see chicken pastel as the Filipino version of chicken pot pie or Turkey Pot Pie. This is something that I can eat without any side dishes. However, sometimes I still eat it the way I used to when I was younger. I top it over a cup of newly cooked white rice. What is your favorite side for chicken pastel?

Cooking Chicken Pastel


This easy chicken pastel recipe provides good result and is less cumbersome. There were shortcuts in the recipe that saves you time and effort while still getting the best result.

The of store-bought pie dough or pastry dough saves you time. You don’t need to make the crust from scratch. I also used table cream as a replacement for roux. This means time savings and lesser effort. This recipe is fit for beginners.

I started by marinating the chicken in lemon and soy sauce. Calamansi is a good alternative to lemon. Let the chicken absorb the marinade for 15 minutes.

Start the cooking process by melting butter in a cooking pot. Continue apply heat until the bubbles appear. Put the marinated chicken into the pot and cook for 2 minutes while stirring. I also add the chorizo de bilbao at this stage. The sausage helps this dish taste better.




Tenderize the chicken by boiling. I do this by adding a cup of water and a piece of Knorr chicken cube to have that full chicken flavor. 12 minutes of boiling is enough to make the chicken tender. I then add beef franks, carrot, potato, and mushroom. The table is cream is added before the seasoning.

Everything needs to be baked for 15 minutes on a 375F oven. Make sure to transfer the chicken pastel to a baking pan and cover the pan with the pie crust dough before baking it. Poke holes on the dough so that steam can escape while baking.

Try this Chicken Pastel Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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