Russia claims control of last major city in Luhansk region

Russia claims control of last major city in Luhansk region; Russian diplomats depart Bulgaria: Live Ukraine updates : Russia claims on Sunday that it has overrun the largest city located in the Ukraine’s Luhansk province, as it continues its attack on the battered country’s eastern Donbas region.

The Russian military as well as members of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic LPR “have established full control over Lysychansk and a number of nearby settlements,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The General Staff of the military said that the troops had been withdrawn from Lysychansk However, the President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed that the battle for the city wasn’t over.

Russia claims control of last major city in Luhansk region

Lysychansk’s devastation comes just a week after the twin city of Sievierodonetsk was placed under total Russian control after a bloody long struggle. The victory over Luhansk will allow Russia to shift its focus towards Donetsk another province of the industrial Donbas region.

Russia is already in control of more than half of Donetsk in addition.

Other developments:

In the event that Russia might shut the natural gas supply Germany’s top energy officials urged homeowners to get the radiators and boilers of gas modified to increase efficiency. Federal Network Agency President Klaus Mueller suggests that families be able to decide “whether every room needs to be set at its usual temperature” during winter.

There was a fire raging across areas of Donetsk city Sloviansk following Russian shelling claimed the lives of at least six people, and injured a number of others, the Mayor Vadim Lyakh said.

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British say Russia could rig the election in Kherson

Russian-backed officials who say they will hold a referendum on Kherson province joining the Russian Federation by autumn are likely prioritizing a “pseudo-constitutional vote” to legitimize its control of the region, the British Defense Ministry said in an assessment of the war released Sunday. Kherson is located in southern Ukraine located just over Crimea that Russia attacked and illegally annexed in 2014.

“Finding a constitutional solution for the occupation is likely a priority policy objective for Russia,” the report said. “It will highly likely be prepared to rig voting to achieve an acceptable result.”

Russian diplomats depart Bulgaria amid soaring tensions

Two Russian planes left Bulgaria on Sunday along with hundreds of Russian diplomatic staff and their families in an expulsion in mass that has caused tensions to rise between the two countries that have historically been close as one Russian diplomat told.

Filip Voskresenski, a high-ranking Russian diplomat, informed reporters at the airport in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Sofia prior to departure of the flights that he was among 70 Russian diplomatic personnel classified as “persona non grata” last week, and was ordered to quit the country by the close of the day on Sunday.

The Bulgarian expulsion decision was made public by the acting prime minister Kiril Petkov who took a firm stand against Russia after the Russian military invaded Ukraine on February. 24. Petkov has lost the vote of no-confidence at the end of June, stated that Moscow employed “hybrid war” tactics to take down his government.

Petkov has stated that Russia will keep 43 of its workers following the expulsion . He also noted that Bulgaria has only 12 diplomatic personnel in Moscow.

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