Russia joins G20 meeting overshadowed by Ukraine

Russia joins G20 meeting overshadowed by Ukraine conflict :

Bali: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his Russian partner Sergei Lavrov in Bali on Thursday to discuss the Russian attack on Ukraine in advance of the G20 ministerial gathering that was dominated by war.

The two were seen having a meeting bilaterally at the Indonesian resort island while the top economies of the world gather for a discussion of the world’s most urgent issues Friday and with the Ukraine conflict on the top of the agenda.

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In spite of criticism, Beijing has upheld friendly relations with Russia in the midst of a time when Western nations have tried to disengage President Vladimir Putin’s administration from the international diplomatic and financial order in response to the military campaign against the country’s neighbor.

Russia joins G20 meeting overshadowed by Ukraine

Lavrov told Wang “about the implementation of the main missions of the special military operation” in Ukraine and reiterated Moscow’s claim that the goal is to “denazify” the country, the Russian foreign ministry statement stated.

“Both parties underlined the unacceptable nature of unilateral sanctions adopted by circumventing the UN.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Bali late on Thursday night and will have bilateral talks with Wang on Saturday.

However, he is not planning any direct contact in person with his Russian counterpart, even though they are scheduled for their first confrontation after the outbreak of war in February.

Blinken last met Lavrov in January at Geneva in the United States, where the most senior US diplomatic official warned Russia of the repercussions that could be severe in the event that it decided to invaded Ukraine and invaded Ukraine, which was the case on February 24.

Washington has made a case that Russia should not be part of this international body, which is a view that is echoed by a few Western allies.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Lavrov and Wang made clear “the need for the maintenance and development of the G20” at their meeting.

Blinken will make use of the meeting as the prelude to a leader meeting in Novemberto lobby allies who have been in conflict with its stance on Ukraine including India and India, to distance itself from Moscow.

However, his hopes for an unifying Western alliance against Russian aggressiveness were destroyed when British Foreign Minister Liz Truss pulled out of the summit at the last moment according to the diplomat. Truss will not be attending discussions with counterparts the Friday and will replace her by a top British official The diplomat told reporters without revealing the time she’ll be leaving Bali.

Truss ended her visit following the announcement that the Prime Secretary Boris Johnson resigned as the leader of his Conservative party on Thursday according to British media reporting that she’d be flying home in the early hours to gather the support of a possible leadership campaign.

Beijing has been unable to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is accused of providing support to the Kremlin by slamming Western sanctions and arm sales to Kyiv.

Blinken expects to repeat his warnings to Beijing regarding its support for Russia in talks scheduled for Saturday with Wang. China is pursuing the independent policy of foreign relations towards Russia and both countries reject interference from what they’ve described as “third parties”.

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