Sotanghon with Upo Soup

Cooking everyday meals can be a challenge to the modern mom (and dad too). Sometimes, we run out of food ideas and inspiration. It just happened that you came to the right place. You see, aside from promoting Filipino food, I also created this blog to help my fellow Filipinos come-up with ideas on what to cook for their families on a daily basis. This Sotanghon with Upo Soup , for example, is one of the easy-to-prepare and budget-friendly meals that I suggest.

Sotanghon with Upo Soup

Sotanghon with Upo Soup can be consumed as it is – as a soup. However, this dish can also be enjoyed as a main dish with rice. Let me elaborate more on my statement. Based on my own experience,  a meal won’t be complete for most Filipinos if there is no rice on the plate. Sometimes, dishes such as pancit bihon or pancit canton are eaten with rice (I do this once in a while). If you want to try this dish with rice, I suggest to have it with newly cooked warm white rice. It will be best if there is a saucer with fish sauce and crushed chili pepper on the side. This can help increase your appetite.

Have you tried cooking miswa and patola soup? Sotanghon with Upo Soup is quite the same. You can modify the recipe by using your preferred meat, such as chicken, or ground pork. This will also work with ground beef.

Sotanghon with Upo Soup is perfect to have during cold days. It can help you feel warm and comfortable. I like mine spicy, so I add a few drops of Tabasco sauce in it. Feel free to add chili flakes too.

Try this Sotanghon with Upo Soup Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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