What happened to Shazball? India, Kohli blasted after England Test

What happened to Shazball? India, Kohli blasted after England Test :

The Indian media poured scorn on their top cricketers on Wednesday, after England won by an seven-wicket win during the 5th Test, claiming bowlers unprofessional and asking questions about Virat Kohli’s role in the team.

After a period of the control of their game, India were bowled out for 245 runs in their second innings and set England the record for 378 that they surpassed easily.

Joe Root smashed an unbeaten 142, and Jonny Bairstow racked up 114 without a hit as England triumphed in their highest Test run-chase of the series with just two remaining sessions at Edgbaston.

What happened to Shazball? India, Kohli blasted after England

When the game began the following day, England was in need of 119, and early hits could’ve changed the momentum to India’s favor.

“But the visitors were simply too flat, and their bowlers too wayward,” said in the Times of India.

The newspaper reported that in the previous two tests played away from South Africa, Indian seamers who were touted as being the “best ever”, had struggled to bowl with intensity or precision during the 4th innings.

Former captain Kohli 33 was experiencing a long low and has not made it to a century since his debut in the year 2019. the Hindu newspaper declared that it was high time India confronted the issue of the elephant in a room.

“Their next Test is in December, but will Kohli do what a Cheteshwar Pujara did and play enough first-class cricket in the meantime to rediscover his touch and form?” The newspaper asked.

The English-language newspaper was full of praise for England and called them “magnificent”.

“Joe Root’s century has to be regarded among the greatest ever, full of grace and the ability to make a mess. With Jonny Bairstow’s stunning form, they were deserved to be victorious,” it said.

The paper stated that India was hampered by their absence “Shazball”, the previous combination of Ravi Shastri as coach and Kohli as captain. It was a spinoff from “Bazball” — the term used to describe the aggressive style of cricket in England under current coach Brendon McCullum as well as captain Ben Stokes.

India was led by seamer Jasprit Bumrah during the Test for the first time, in absence of Rohit Sharma who was positive for Covid-19.

“Yet one can’t shake off the feeling that India reneged on Shazball, and a captain leading for the first time was placed in a difficult position,” The Hindu reported. “Gone was the aggression and command of the Virat Kohli years — although the then-captain did go over the top often — and the team is left with more questions than answers.”

The Indian Express gave special high praise for Root.

“In contact and in the purest form of his professional career He flows as smooth and peacefully as a river. If Bumrah is unable to stop him, maybe there is no one who can. The fact that Root, the Indian seamstress never even a single step closer to snagging him, let alone removing Root, tells the story of Root’s astonishing skill.

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